Google Translator added to the blog

I’ve been checking my website traffic statistics recently, and I’ve found out that surprisingly after France and Canada, the most countries I am getting traffic from are the Great Britain and the United States. Other countries with quite a huge French population follows them.

I’ve realized that the search engines were giving my website in a lot of search result that were done in English, because of the technical aspect of the blog. Since most people do search using an error message, or a specific term in computing, my website come up often in the search results.

As a courtesy to foreign visitors, I’ve decided to add a Google translator plugin in the right side bar of the blog. You can now translate the blog in your own native language to save you the trouble of doing another web search.

Please note that this translation is « machine made » and might not always seems correct, but it is quite accurate. If sometimes you need help understanding the articles, you may leave a comment in English(as I only speak English and French) and I’ll be happy to help you out.